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Mindful Nutrition at FitCamp Montenegro: A Personal Journey with Our Nutritionist

In the light of welcoming our MindfulSelfness Women Retreat, we wanted to share some beautiful insights into our nutritionist’s world. Let us guide you through Bilyana’s responses and give you a glimpse of what you can expect when joining us on this feminine journey of self-discovery. FitCamp: Can you tell us more about holistic nutrition […]

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6 Reasons Why FitCamp Montenegro is a Great Spot for Solo Travellers & Digital Nomads

Solo travel or nomadic lifestyle is an adventure that allows you to explore the world on your own terms, rejuvenate your spirit and connect with nature. At FitCamp Montenegro, we understand the value of this experience and offer a unique place for solo travellers seeking self-sustainability, nature healing, and a memorable escape. Let us give […]


Co-living in the FitCamp Community

Co-living at FitCamp Montenegro is not just a regular stay where you rent an apartment and live on your own. It is, actually, much more fun as we take the word ‘coliving’ for granted. We can only be happy with our experiences so far, so we decided to share more with all of you out […]

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Well-being Holidays: The Healing Power of Nature & Travel at FitCamp Montenegro

In today’s fast-paced world, mental health has become an increasingly important aspect of overall well-being. As stress levels rise, people are turning towards nature and travel to find relief and healing. At FitCamp Montenegro, we are pointing out the transformative power of nature, engaging in various activities like yoga, mindfulness, hiking, nutrition, reading, writing, and […]


Guided Stargazing Experience in Montenegro

Did you ever wonder how it feels to be lost in a galaxy of stars? Well, our June blog post might give you an answer as it comes with a beautiful addition to our programs – The Guided Stargazing Experience! Namely, since this spring, FitCamp Montenegro has become the official licence holder for the guided […]