I wanted to share an honest confession with all the women out there who may be facing similar struggles. Recently, I have been feeling overwhelmed with my business development and job, which led to burnout, anxiety, lack of passion, and motivation. It made me realise that constantly running after something doesn’t necessarily lead to happiness and satisfaction. Sometimes, we forget to pay attention to the small details that make life meaningful.

During this time, I discovered the healing power of female energy and the curative effects of women’s circles. I shared my experiences with a group of amazing women and received an incredible energy boost in return. It’s so important for us to support each other through awareness, consciousness, presence, and mindfulness.

That’s why I decided to create a daily program for like-minded women who want to unwind, restart, and refresh in the healing power of nature at FitCamp Montenegro and a supportive women’s circle. If you’re interested, click the link below to see an example program and contact me to book your experience with the group of your choice!

Sending love,
Founder of FitCamp Montenegro