• Loving the environment

  • Outdoor trainings

  • Extreme adventures

  • Sports competition

  • Organic food

  • Time in nature

Start a healthy routine on your vacation with us and get back home with renewed energy to freshen your everyday lifestyle!
This program will teach you our philosophy of the next level of vacation, where you’ll grow as a person and learn to live your best life.
All of the abovementioned means more time in nature, more respect towards the environment, sports competitions and healthy home-grown food.




Did you know that Montenegro hides the deepest canyon in Europe? But, besides that one called Tara Canyon, there are so many other ones that extreme adventurers love to explore. We will present you our selection and will bring you on a special adventure with professional and experienced guides.

Sports Competition

We like to awaken your competitive spirit and do a brief sports competition. The winner will have written recognition from the FitCamp Montenegro team.

Surprise yourself with personal achievement after participating in our programs and join this good-purpose, healthy competitive race!


Montenegro is known as a very beautiful and wild-beauty nature country that attracts more and more visitors each year. Hiking around its beautiful lakes and mountains is absolutely a nature-healing experience! Let us help you explore it on hiking day-trips!


Swimming is such an important activity in the life of a person, but we don’t realise it very often. It’s a healthy habit that can improve your physical conditions but can also help you have a clearer mind and a better focus. We will bring you for wild swimming in beautiful Montenegrin lakes.

Live gig

We want to introduce you to real Montenegro! That’s why we’ll spice it up with a live gig set just for you. From stand-up comedies to acoustic performances and a bit of rock ‘n roll, we’ll introduce you to Montenegrin art scene and give you a time to remember!

Clean-up Actions

We have an eco mindset. We’d love our guests to have it too! As an eco country by its Constitution, Montenegro is threatened by many modern-world issues such as uncontrolled garbage, plastics etc. We want you to be willing to help us improve the planet Earth and that’s why we invite you on clean-up actions with us!

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