• Reconnect with nature

  • Relax your inner self

  • Unplug from digital

  • Refresh your spirit

  • Recharge in nature

We don’t want you to forget, that it is too easy to miss out on the important moments in life because you are too busy staring at your phone. And we invite you to UNPLUG for a while.

UNPLUG – a conceptual event, dedicated to the improvement and development of healthier corporate and personal culture, is created with a mission to inspire a healthier community.

With the team consisting of medical, psychology and life coaching experts, this 3-day event is covering all aspects of our health and aims to refresh mental habits and reconnect with nature.



Who will work with you?

Medical professionals – to be able to trace your progress and well being we will make sure to have a medical team at our disposal so that we can show you the real benefits of the participation in this sort of event.

Tourism professionals – to be able to enjoy your 3-days-adventure in Montenegro, tourism professionals from the field of responsible travel will help you understand the value of doing your future holidays in nature and will help you experience the best that Montenegro has to offer.

Hosts and their staff in the village – to be able to understand the village-life and to have all that you might need on this trip, the staff of the village and your hosts will make sure to give you their best service and to show you all the hidden beauties and values of the village, food production and so community sense.

Professionals from various fields/advisory function – to be able to get the best and the most out of this holiday we will prepare a team of people to assist you and do many things with you. You will have fitness instructor, yoga instructor, mountain guides, canyon guides, hiking guides waiting for you, to deliver you the best kind of experience you’ll remember for years ahead!

For Whom is This Best?

Professionals working in stressful industries and aiming for a more quality lifestyle. These are mostly professions that involve dealing with other people or professions that are taking a lot of hours in front of the display, on the field and inside the car. Get in touch with us to check if this is a match for you.

We want to show you Montenegro, to improve your mental health, to help you explore your mind wider than ever before and relax!