• Loving the environment

  • Body & mind enrichment

  • Time in nature

  • Progress with international professionals

  • Nutrition classes

  • Igniting your fire

  • Unforgettable break-through process

Healthy and happy. That’s what everybody wants, right?

FitCamp offers a unique experience in which you will work on your personal growth in a natural environment. Leaving the hectic life behind for a little while, away from all responsibilities, all for making it possible to focus just on yourself for a whole week.


This is not an ordinary holiday, but a ‘next-level journey’. Growth through relaxation. And you’ll not do that just on this vacation, taking care of yourself will continue throughout your life and the feeling of growth and relaxation will continue.


By travelling with a purpose, you will help our local community, support us with your ideas and enjoy your self-improvement!

Personal development is the key to a happy & healthy life!



Meet Manon – Your Coach

With her background in sports on a professional level, she knows like no other how to reach a goal, how to deal with setbacks and the importance of physical and mental health. In recent years, Manon specialised herself in behavioural change. After she finished studying Pedagogy she studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and certified herself as an international NLP trainer.

Since her introduction to NLP, she has gained more self-confidence, knows what is truly important to her and dares to get into action more quickly. That’s something she likes everybody to have.

Meet Roel – Your Coach

He has made many journeys. Abroad but certainly also in his career. Graduated as a building engineer, Roel went on to work as a trainer and consultant in Lean and NLP. Eventually, after a year of travelling in New Zealand (during the pandemic), he fully committed to personal growth and development. He knows all about the ups and downs of finding his passion and shaping his work the way it suits him. And now he wants to guide others in that too.

Roel says “yes” to everything and everyone and connects easily. By combining humour and light-heartedness with a direct, open approach, he quickly puts people at ease. A true team player with his compass towards connection, fun and growth. With the fine playfulness by which Roel talks he opens up worlds and gets people in a positive and strengthening way.

About VUUR

VUUR is specialised in training and coaching on personal growth. The Firestarters (trainers of VUUR) all followed a huge amount of education and experience in NLP, psychology and development. Daily, they organise communication, personal leadership programs and individual interventions. Always with the focus on “what works for you” and “you’re always more than you think you are”.

If you are ready to take the next step in creating more joy and realising your life goals, being a complete version of yourself then VUUR is ready for you! From the VUUR training, you can expect to be to the point in every aspect of life – professional, personal, transformational, challenging and enriching.

What ignites your fire?

This program IS FOR YOU, if you…

• are an expert in multi-tasking in your daily life, you are there for others more than for yourself and it’s not easy for you to stand still
• like to have relaxation, have fun, deepen and get into action
• have behaviours or patterns that don’t seem to work (anymore), and you are willing to face and change them
• love nature and connecting with it
• are willing to look at yourself honestly
• are open to adventures.

This program ISN’T FOR YOU, if you…

  • just want to sunbathe on a holiday
  • are not willing to focus and make time for yourself at this moment
  • don’t have any need for personal growth.

A journey of discovery to what is truly important to you!