• Loving the environment
  • Body & mind enrichment
  • Time in nature
  • Progress with international professionals
  • Nutrition classes
  • Igniting your fire
  • Unforgettable break-through process

Overview: Unlearn old limits and grow. Let us take you to a journey of personal development with international NLP professionals that will lead you to the next level of your inner balance.

All of the progress is combined with stunning Montenegrin outdoors and fitness and yoga classes, through responsible travel where we will take you to the next level of vacationing.

By travelling with a purpose, you will help our local community, support us with your ideas and enjoy in your self-improvement!

Personal development, the key to a happy & healthy life.


Program Day by Day

Meet Lieke – Your Coach

Lieke Molenaar, international certified NLP trainer & coach

With over 10 years of experience, Lieke started at Amsterdam University, where she studied Psychology. At the age of 21, she founded her first company specialised in coaching juvenility.

Later, the VUUR (FIRE) happened! Lieke’s 2nd company, the one she is running today!

Personal growth is a way of life for trainers at VUUR. By continuously studying, experimenting and creating new ways of training (groups) and coaching (individuals) VUUR and Lieke keep evolving. NLP, positive psychology, constellation work and transactional analyses are the basics they are building on. Lieke’s mission is to inspire people to ignite their inner fire so they can follow their heart on their path in life. Her personal goal in being an NLP coach is to make personal growth available to everyone.

Lieke is thrilled to meet you!

About VUUR

VUUR is specialised in training and coaching on personal growth. The Firestarters (trainers of VUUR) all followed a huge amount of education and experience in NLP, psychology and development. Daily, they organise communication, personal leadership programs and individual interventions. Always with the focus on “what works for you” and “you’re always more than you think you are”.

If you are ready to take the next step in creating more joy and realising your life goals, being a complete version of yourself then VUUR is ready for you! From the VUUR training, you can expect to be to the point in every aspect of life – professional, personal, transformational, challenging and enriching.

What ignites your fire?

Additional Activities

Nutrition Classes

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano – an old saying, explaining so many things! We see it as a very important thing for you to know how to use the food to benefit you and to mix proper ingredients. Our team wants you to use nature as much as possible as that is how it was meant to be! You will have more energy and love yourself more, we promise!

Books & Wine

We made a lot of efforts to have a rich library for your stay with us! The topics are wide – from classics of the international literature to useful studies and success-showcases of a wellbeing lifestyle. Followed by a glass of homemade wine, you can enjoy your reading evening and get your brains relaxed too.

Day Trips

The country of many contrasts, Montenegro offers stunning experiences in exploring its sights. High mountains, extreme cliffs, glacial lakes, fast rivers, deep canyons, medieval cities, marvellous coast, spectacular national parks… And many more places (we are not overreacting) are on the list of our day-trip offers to you!

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