• Loving the environment – clean-up actions
  • Outdoor trainings
  • Hiking and trekking adventures
  • Cooking and wellbeing lectures
  • Organic food
  • Time in nature and wellness

Overview: This package is best for people who like to relax on their vacation and are already practising yoga or plan to start with it.

On this program, we will introduce you to the next level of travels where you’ll grow as a person and learn to live your best life.

Our philosophy is that life is too short and we need to make the most out of it. We want to reflect our philosophy onto our guests and that is our primary goal and biggest aim.

We want to help you enjoy your yoga practise and reconnect with nature while exploring another beautiful Mediterranean destination. All of this includes a lot of time in nature, more lectures on how to behave to your environment and yourself and prepare healthy organic food.

We add another dimension to this program, as we do care about our environment and are building self-sustainable location of out Camp and all our guests are invited to participate in clean-up action all around the country together with the hosts.



Program Day by Day


Wellbeing Lectures

Living a healthy lifestyle is very easy if you know what you are doing! We’d love you to be open-minded and to participate at one of our lectures on the topic of wellbeing. There are so many small tricks in our team’s sleeves that you’ll be surprised positively and learn how to be the decision-maker in your life!

Nutrition Workshops

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano – an old saying, explaining so many things! We see it as a very important thing for you to know how to use the food to benefit you and to mix proper ingredients. Our team wants you to use nature as much as possible as that is how it was meant to be! You will have more energy and love yourself more, we promise!

Clean-up Actions

We have an eco mindset. We’d love our guests to have it too! As an eco country by its Constitution, Montenegro is threatened by many modern-world issues such as uncontrolled garbage, plastics etc. We want you to be willing to help us improve the planet Earth and that’s why we invite you on clean-up actions with us!


Montenegro is known as a very beautiful and wild-beauty nature country that attracts more and more visitors each year. Hiking around its beautiful lakes and mountains is absolutely a nature-healing experience! Let us help you explore it on hiking day-trips!


Swimming is such an important activity in the life of a person, but we don’t realise it very often. It’s a healthy habit that can improve your physical conditions but can also help you have a clearer mind and a better focus. We will bring you for wild swimming in beautiful Montenegrin lakes.

Books & Wine

We made a lot of efforts to have a rich library for your stay with us! The topics are wide – from classics of the international literature to useful studies and success-showcases of a wellbeing lifestyle. Followed by a glass of homemade wine, you can enjoy your reading evening and get your brains relaxed too.

Live gig

We want to introduce you to real Montenegro! That’s why we’ll spice it up with a live gig set just for you. From stand-up comedies to acoustic performances and a bit of rock ‘n roll, we’ll introduce you to Montenegrin art scene and give you a time to remember!


The country of many contrasts, Montenegro offers stunning experiences in exploring its sights. High mountains, extreme cliffs, glacial lakes, fast rivers, deep canyons, medieval cities, marvellous coast, spectacular national parks… And many more places (we are not overreacting) are on the list of our day-trip offers to you!

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